Carrboro Coffee’s Scott Conary  traveled to  Santa Rosa de Copan in Western Honduras to work with area coffee growers, roasters & barista’s for over 5 days;  from March 26th – 31st.

Scott was teaching classes featuring coffee & espresso preparation as well as specific Barista Competition related info.  Attendees who were interested in competing in the next National Barista Competition in Honduras will have the opportunity to take part in a “mock competition” to help fine tune their skills and gain insightful knowledge.

In addition to the classes, Scott had the opportunity to research and taste fantastic coffee from the different mountain ranges in the Western Region of Honduras.  Many of these fantastic coffees will be made available to area coffee drinkers thanks to the unique Direct Relationship Model that Carrboro Coffee Roasters has in place to work with & purchase them directly from farmers, to mutual support.  Scott was also visiting and working with the farmers Carrboro Coffee roasters currently have a Direct Relationship with! cloud hosting info . expidoms .

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