wine-bottles-can-make-your-boots-stand-upright_slideshow_image-240x300Like our uniquely sourced coffee, we are just as passionate about our beer & wine selection. Our thoughtful selection will never be the biggest, but we pride ourselves on locating and offering some amazingly unique wines, sourced from small farms & family growers.

Whether it is wine or coffee that we choose for the Caffe, we look for similar things. We search out smaller farmers who each passionately labor to have a high quality representation of what their soil, their “terroir”, can produce. For us this term not only encompasses the land, climate and farming practices; but also the traditions and personality of each winemaker. Many of our wines are produced by friends & aquaintances and each time we sell a bottle, we consider the person behind it. Our hope is that you too will be inspired by our selections, and create your own memories with your friends.

Our Beer selection features some favorites from around the world, with the emphasis on NC craft brewers – always changing seasonally and for variety!

Whites by the Glass/ Bottle


  • wine-bottle-225x300Domaine Vincent Stoeffler, Alsace, Sylvaner- dry, organic

  • Jo Landron, “Amphibolite ”, Muscadet , Melon de Bourgogne- dry, biodynamic

  • Sébastien Magnien, Aligoté, Burgundy, dry

  • Domaine de la Croix des Vainquers- Laurent Bonneau, “Le Bouchet”, Vouvray, demi-Sec,  Chenin Blanc

White By the Bottle Only

  • Jo Landron, “Le Fief du Breil”, Muscadet, Melon de Bourgogne- biodynamic

  • Domaine Moreau-Naudet- Stéphane Moreau, Chablis, Chardonnay- organic

  • Domaine Belle- Phillipe Belle, “Terrres Blanches”, Crozes Hermitage,Marsanne/ Roussane- organic

 Rose by the Glass/ Bottle

  • Clos Troteligotte- Emmanuel Rybinski, “Kmelot”, IGP Côtes du Lot, Malbec- organic

  • Sparkling– Frank Besson, “Rose Granit”, Méthode Traditionnelle, Gamay [BOTTLE ONLY]

Reds by the Glass/ Bottle

  • Famille Amirault Grosbois, St. Nicolas de Bourgueil, Cabernet Franc- organic

  • Domaine de la Charmoise- Henry Marionnet, Touraine, Gamay

  • Clos Troteligotte- Emmanuel Rybinski, “Kpot”, Cahors, Malbec- organic, sulfite free

  • Domaine Galévan- Coralie Goumarre, Côtes du Rhone, Grenache/ Mourvedre/ Carignan / Cinsault -organic

  • Laurent Miquel, “Nord-Sud”, Languedoc, Syrah

Red by the Bottle

  • Domaine Belle- Phillipe Belle, “Cuvée Louis Belle”, Crozes Hermitage Rouge, Syrah- organic

  • Clos Troteligotte- Emmanuel Rybinski, “K2” (Aged in Amphora), Cahors, Malbec- organic


featured_beerSUMMER Beer Offerings :

  • Night Owl IPA- Our very own coffee beer, like no other! A local collaboration with Steel String Brewery, this is an intentional hops/coffee pairing that isn’t coffee forward, but rather highlights the flavors from the coffee to work with the Centennial hops.  VERY Limited Bottling!
  • Mother Earth Endless River/ NC- Kolsch, pale yellow, biscuit, floral light and creamy  4.9%ABV
  • Highland Little Hump/ NC- American Pale Ale- floral hop flavor and aroma, crisp and clean 4.5%ABV
  • Allagash Black/ Maine– Belgian Strong-Dark Ale, brewed with barley, wheat and oats, roasted chocolate malt 7.5%ABV
  • Founders IPA/ Michigan- American IPA, strong citrus, bitterness and well balanced, malt and caramel backbone 7.2%ABV
  • Smuttynose “Finest Kind”/ New Hampshire- IPA, golden unfiltered, medium body, caramel and citrus, dry  6.9%ABV
  • Blanche de Bruxelle/Belgium- Witbier, bready, lemon citurs and clean, great for hot weather 5% ABV
  • Franziskaner Hefe Weisse/ Germany- yellow, thick head, clove and banana, cramy and smooth  5%ABV
  • Chimay Red Premiere/ Belgium–  Dubbel, brown, fruity 7%ABV
  • Lindeman’s Lambic — crisp, clean fresh lambics with sweet and tart fruit & enticing aromas!  Refreshing and delicious!
  • Peche 2.5% ABV
  • Cassis 3.5% ABV
  • Framboise 2.5% ABV