Artist for July- Mira Sena

“During my childhood I took advanced courses in the arts, photography, music, and digital media; placing in a variety of showings during my developmental period.  Growing up overlooking the Hudson River, I have always found the simplistic beauty of nature while also appreciating the elegancy of minimalism. Though stylistically different than the modernists and surrealists, I have always felt an intrinsic pull toward their slight alterations of realism, and how they transform a known object into something beautiful and new.

My artistic vision is that art represents life in its many forms, I choose to create pieces that reflect growth and change with focus on a quiet optimism and a statement of existence with everything else stripped away. In this showing, my media of choice is modified acrylics, by treating the acrylics as I would treat watercolors to create an airy lightness to my pieces.

In this showing, the pieces tie into a naturalistic theme with emphasis on the raw strength and perseverance of life in its many forms of renewal.”


CCR_Workshops_July (2)

Coffee Workshops at Carrboro Coffee Roasters! Next up: Coffee Tasting Around the World, 7/11 at 11am.

Join Carrboro Coffee Roasters for the new series of Coffee Workshops, being held on Saturdays at the Roastery in Carrboro.

The workshops will explore many aspects of what we love about coffee and learn new skills to help make your coffee taste the best it can be! See the flyers for details & the Roastery website for more workshops thru the spring.

www.carrborocoffee.comCCR_Workshops_July (2)

CCR_Workshops_August (2)



Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ President to Appear on Coffee Reality Show

Scott Conary of Carrboro Coffee Roasters will be featured in the Coffee Reality Show – Barista & Farmer, to be filmed In Honduras from February 1st thru the 10th.logo-Barista-Farmer-

Scott will be featured as the instructor in the afternoon education programs for the Baristas, teaching such classes as Roasting & Coffee Cupping.

10 Baristas, chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants from around the world, will be tasked with working coffee farms alongside the very people whose life is built around growing the very coffee the Baristas love to brew.

  They will be tasked with the daily tasks of harvest and processing and everything it takes to grow delicious high quality coffee – all on camera!

You can see the info on Barista selection here :Barista & Farmer Selection 2015

Various challenges will be setup for all, such as who can pick the most ripe coffee cherries, and other teamh_logo_welcher building exercises.


The Show will take place in two areas of Western Honduras, known for high quality coffee, eco-tourism and intense beauty!

Capucas where the host is Cafe Capucas & Copan Ruinas, where the host is Welchez

Be sure to tune into  to catch the action and get a glimpse of Scott in the coffee growing community!

Find more info on the program here!

Artist for March – Linda Kampel

Through The Light

I’ve always loved the unexpected effect that natural light has on the things around me. When I look through the viewfinder, the contrast between sun and shadows brings the personality of trees, plants, and even a weathered pile of sawmill lumber alive for me.

Sunlight overcast by fog — or the sun’s full force — allows me to create color photographs that appear to be black and white, but a closer look reveals a small patch of moss, a random autumn leaf, or hidden sprigs of green grass.

I was 6 years old when My Aunt Toddy allowed me to take my first photograph with her Kodak Brownie. I was so nervous and excited by the idea that I could freeze a moment in time and keep it as a special memento. I started looking at the world in a completely different way, and from that moment I could see snapshots all around me.

I’ve photographed everything from vintage airplanes for respected pilots Ken Hyde, Mike Dale, and Larry Kampel, to rock bands for periodicals such as The York Dispatch, but I’ve always been drawn to nature. My first photograph was supposed to be of my Aunt Toddy taking a picture of me while I took one of her, but as I pushed the shutter button a breeze moved a crab apple branch and a blossom hid her face — as if it was saying, “Please pay attention to me too.”

These photographs are my way of speaking without saying a word, and I hope they bring out the unique characteristics of the trees, plants, and animals that inspire me.

Linda Kampel

Artist For The Month – March 2015



Artist for February – Jeremy Jennings

Jeremy Jennings is a classical composer and self taught painter. He spent his formative years living on a remote island off the coast of Washington state and attended Lewis and Clark College (BA) and the University of Oregon (MM). After graduate school he spent 5 month as an artist in residence at Lijiang studios in Yunnan province, China. His paintings have been shown in Shanghai, Florence and Portland, OR and his music has been performed in Europe, China and the United States.


Artist for January 2015 – George Spencer

You’re invited!unnamed

Artist’s Reception: Caffe Driade, Friday, January 9, 6-8 p.m.

Food+Wine Magazine says “this artisanal espresso bar” is one of “America’s Best Coffee Bars.”

Buy Local This Holiday Season!

Please join me in channeling your Holiday shopping enthusiasm into

image002 (2)

 SmallBusiness Saturday and a genuine commitment to Buy Local through the entire holiday season.  Go into an actual store and pick it out yourself – the gift recipient and the local economy will appreciate it!


Holiday Blend Coffee from Carrboro Coffee Roasters Available Now!!

Enjoy this delicious Blend that has delicious notes of spice & citrus!!

A blend of Direct Relationship coffee from Nicaragua & Sumatra for you to enjoy & share this Season.

2014 Holiday blend back unnamed


Thanksgiving Day Hours at Caffe Driade

Come Relax with us!

Thursday, 11/27 – 7am to 5pm


Friday, 11/28 – 7am to Midnight.

Don’t forget to grab some coffee to share with your family and friends!
Coffee always makes a dinner host smile!


Artist for December 2014 – Auf Dem/John Gault

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A 25 year old abstract artist, I am a native of North Carolina. I dabbled in art growing up and studied design in college but only in recent years has art become a passion.


I paint under the pseudonym “AUF” and combine that term with “essen” to describe my mission. Both words are from German heritage with “auf” meaning to carry on or to transition and “essen” meaning to eat. Painting provides me with a feeling of fulfillment in transitioning my ideas to a medium and in observing the digestion of my work by others.


Painting in acrylics, I tend to incorporate an array of colors, textures and materials. My style is more experimental than deliberate and I definitely prefer to “go with the flow” when creating.


In recent months, I’ve had showings in small venues in Spartanburg, SC and in Raleigh, NC.  I have upcoming engagements to display paintings in cafes in Chapel Hill, NC and Carrboro, NC.

View images here