Artist for December 2014 – Auf Dem

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Artist for October – Julia Burns

Saturdays Radio – Solo Acoustic – 10/18, 8pm

Rob Christensen from Saturday’s Radio

Solo Acoustic performance featuring songs from all of Saturday’s Radio’s albums.

Formation Sound – 10/11, 8pm

Avant Garde Jazz

Caroline Skeen & Patrick J. Blackburn – 10/10, 8pm

Caroline Skeen, a budding singer/songwriter from Durham, NC, is new to the Triangle music scene.  Heavily influenced by bands such as Green Day, Panic! at the Disco and All Time Low, her music offers thought-provoking and insightful lyrics based on personal experiences and observations.  Her strong and resonant voice supports powerful melodies over both keyboards and acoustic guitar.  Caroline is currently recording her first album.

Patrick J. Blackburn is a singer/songwriter out of Durham, North Carolina, performing modern, alternative, mostly acoustic, pop and folk rock. He performs songs that continually focus on providing meaningful lyrics that express the creative and recreative nature of artistic expression.

Blackburn studied music education and performance at The University of North Carolina. He currently is a band director in Durham, NC at Githens Middle School. Blackburn’s music has been majorly influenced by artists including John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Artist for September – Steeviejane Parks

Steevijane Parks will be showing some of her recent abstracts in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors at Caffé Driade from September 12th through September 30th.

She started out painting in the 60’s and 70’s and then took a 30 plus year break to pursue a successful career as a Clinical Psychologist.

She started the process of returning to her roots as an Artist in 2008.  She views the creative images that come to her as ‘gifts’ that she can either choose to ignore or to find their meaning and share them with others.

She is currently pursuing a certification as a ‘Creativity Coach’ so that she can help other Artists and ‘Would be Artists’ to find the courage and discipline to pursue their own Creative Visions!

To contact the Artist for showing or purchasing paintings, please email Steevijane Parks at

Formation Sound – 9/20, 8pm

Formation Sound with TJ Goode and Andrew Munger

Caffe’s Scott Conary to be Head Judge at Japanese National Barista Championship 2014-15

Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ President, Scott Conary will head to Tokyo, Japan from September 22 thru the 27th to act as the Head Judge for the Country’s National Barista & Brewers Cup Championships.  The Champions from these events will go on to represent Japan at the WBC in Seattle in April; and Gothenburg, Sweden in June, respectively.

As a member of the World Coffee Events (WCE) Instructional Design Committee, and a WCE Representative, Scott will spend the first days training & calibrating judges to prepare them for the multi-day event, which is the culmination of regional competitions around Japan that had hundreds of competitors vying for the National stage.


High Clouds – 9/19, 8pm

High Clouds

High Clouds is a duo that plays Waltzes, Swing, New England and Old Time Fiddle tunes, and music from Quebec.  Maria Hernandez plays fiddle/violin and Steve Luteman plays acoustic guitar.


Big East Region Barista & Brewers Cup Championships coming Back to Durham!

      Fri – Sat: 8am – 6pm ;  Sun: 8am – 3:30pm

Durham, NC

NOV 21ST – 23RD, 2014

“The Big Eastern,” a Regional Barista Competition presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Barista Guild of America will be held in Downtown Durham, November 21-23.

Free and open to the public, the three day event will be held at Durham Convention Center and will feature top baristas from the entire East Coast. Competitors battle it out for the regional titles in a competition format that tests the barista’s technical skill as well as knowledge and passion for coffee, in a viewer-friendly way. Spectators who attend the free event will get to sample amazing drinks prepared by skilled baristas similar to the ones prepared by the competitors on stage.

Caffe Driade Baristas & Carrboro Coffee Roasters employees will take part in “The Big Eastern” in a variety of volunteer capacities.  Caffe Driade and Carrboro Coffee Roasters has been involved in the Barista Competitions since 2003 and has had many employees garner top finishes regionally and nationally.

Scott Conary, President of Carrboro Coffee Roasters will be a Head Judge at The Big Eastern this year. Conary is known as a consummate competition judge, serving as Head Judge and Current Past Chair of the SCAA Competitions Committee. He also serves on the World Coffee Events Instructional Design Committee & as a WCE Representative, where he certifies judges and acts as Head Judge at competitions around the world. Conary has been the only Head Judge from the USA at the World Barista Competition for the past 9 years.

Conary stated. “Carrboro Coffee Roasters is proud to support the event as a Silver Sponsor and sponsoring the BGA Cafe, as well as all the baristas, like our own competitors, who have shown an amazing dedication to the craft of coffee preparation and the coffee industry. Their dedication to the origin of coffee and the relationships we cultivate with the coffee farmers, is amazing and will allow them to shine at this event”.

Among a list of other area spots to check out, Carrboro Coffee Roasters will serve from their pop-up Café in the Lobby of Golden Belt Complex on Main street for any and all interested in tasting how great coffee can be. This Café will also serve as a ‘hands-on’ environment for barista’s to practice & work with various equipment and prepare for the competition. Many events are planned around the main competition to further increase awareness of coffee, and its inter-relationship with the culinary industry.

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