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“Dancing at Dusk at Driade” – A Site Specific Performance at 7pm, 9/12 & 13.

Killian Manning/No Forwarding Address


   ”Dancing at Dusk at Driade”

 A site-specific performance on

 Friday, September 12th

Saturday, September 13th

Arrive by 7:00pm, order a beverage, and enjoy a half-hour of evocative outdoor beauty

Driade Poster (2)

Cory Bishop – 8/16, 8pm

It’s the fall of 1979 and a Psychology grad student is trying to get a date with the most beautiful undergrad he’s seen on campus. He’s invited her to see his office, without much of a next step planned. Luckily for our friend, she spots his framed, torn cover of Bob Dylan posing in 1969 for Hit Parade Magazine―the iconic Nashville Skyline photo of him tipping his hat. Turns out she’s kept that same cover over the years too, and is also a big fan.

The son of two psychologists more given to lending an ear than a hand when it comes to music, Cory Bishop might not seem the likely next branch on his family tree. But, his parents love for Bob Dylan gushed more than trickled down to the next generation (his sister is even named for Dylan’s “Sara,”), and a psychological propensity for emotional insights has been passed down as well. Perhaps Cory Bishop’s musical fate was sealed before he was even a twinkle in his mother’s eye.

In Cory Bishop’s music you hear a unique blend of the many great songwriters and singers that influence him. His lyrics and phrasing point towards the brilliance of Josh Ritter, of Neil Young, and of course, Bob Dylan. His signature voice manages to wrap Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and Ryan Adams all into one.

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Cory Bishop grew up in Southern California, leaving home for college in Nashville to study music and religion. He ping-ponged between both subjects, even spending a semester in Seminary after college, before dropping out for good to pursue music. His music draws from his Bible background here and there, but mostly reflects his spiritual interests through the overwhelming positivity in the music. “I see it now,” Bishop asserts, “as my job and my duty to craft songs that can help people catch a glimpse of hope; catch a glimpse of love and redemption.” This is the central message woven into his new five-song EP, coming out this fall. Hope, love, and redemption aren’t new themes to any songwriter, but Bishop manages to deal with these themes carefully, tastefully, and without cliché.

The upcoming release this fall touts the talents of Bishop’s Nashville contemporaries: producer Dan Fernandez (Great Peacock), Matt Scibilia (Cory Chisel, Brendan Benson), and Amos Heller (Taylor Swift), and Grammy-award winner Andy Hunt (Buddy Guy, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors).


Blue Eyed Bettys – 8/8 at 8pm

With Ben Mackel on guitar, Sarah Hund on fiddle, and Daniel Emond on banjo (often joined by Jamie Mohamdein on upright bass), The Blue Eyed Bettys delight with their folky-bluegrass sound.  But what always seems to grab audiences immediately are their powerful vocals in three part harmony.  All actors by trade, The Blue Eyed Bettys met while doing a new play together at the Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, FL.  “Their theater-influenced performances and immaculate harmonies have earned them the admiration of local musicians and showgoers alike,” says journalist Nick Friedman of thisweekinsarasota.comThey are singers and storytellers first; therein lies their ability to turn boisterous bars into attentive listening rooms and sleepy pubs into raucous parties as they weave stories of love, nature, and the human condition with their exuberant performances.


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Pippa Hoover & Scott Frey- 8/2.

 indie folk singer/songwriter and cellist

Artist for July – Hannah Jones

The process of painting removes me from my fast paced day-to-day life as it allows me to exist more fully in the present. Because these moments of singular focus are all too rare, I aim to distill moments in my paintings that strike a balance between the chaos of movement and quiet stillness. In my paintings I strive to create moments of harmony between the constant movement of our lives and introspective, liberating stillness. For me, painting is a matter of slowing down and finding peace in my own life while acknowledging and appreciating the energy intrinsic to our existence.

Although I paint from a variety of subjects, I am interested in how light falls on a landscape, whether indoors or in nature, and how light can influence the chaos or stillness of a painting. I focus on high contrast lighting, brushstroke, geometric shape, and bold color to create different levels of energy, reflecting a degree of movement or stillness in the painting. As a collection, my work addresses the continuous need of an individual to find balance in his/her life between the expectation of constant movement and the quiet and restorative aspects of being still. Furthermore, I hope that it acknowledges that in a given moment, we can find balance at any point along this spectrum.


Born and raised in Tennessee on a mountain overlooking Chattanooga, I have always derived my inspiration for art from the peacefulness of the nature around me. In 2006, I traveled to Italy to paint landscapes for a month in Tuscany under the instruction of painter Daud Akhriev. I attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME, where I continued to study oil painting and graduated with a major in Biology in 2012. I currently live in Chapel Hill, NC, where I will be beginning school in the fall of 2014 at the UNC School of Medicine.


The Saturday Giant – 7/26, 8pm

The Saturday Giant is the one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio, established in 2010. Since then, The Saturday Giant has produced three releases, played dozens of shows across the U.S., collaborated with technology conferences and performing arts groups, and become one of the most respected acts in his hometown—all while crafting an innovative and compelling live show in which he sculpts layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals into towering walls of sound, without the aid of prerecorded samples. Even while maintaining his rigorous touring schedule, The Saturday Giant is preparing his full-length debut for 2014.

Calling all coffee lovers! Come to Carrboro Coffee Roasters Latte Art Throwdown at their Golden Belt Coffee Shop in Durham!

Calling all coffee lovers!

Come watch or participate in the Carrboro Coffee Roasters Latte Art Throwdown at their Golden Belt Coffee Shop in Durham!

Thursday, 7/24 at 7pm.

Celebrity judges, beautiful and delicious coffee!

Also, the Parlour Durham Ice Cream truck will make a stop!

Free and open to the public.


Darren Michaels – 7/12, 8pm


Think bass is just background? Think again. Darren Michaels is a singer-songwriter who sees the electric bass guitar as a chordal and melodic instrument along with its supportive role. Using a specially-designed bass guitar and lines of honest lyrics, Darren crafts positive, genre-hopping songs exploring gratitude, determination, longing, brevity of life, gentle action, and love of Nature.

Darren cut his teeth playing Rock, Blues, and Jazz while studying fine arts and graphic design in college in Arkansas. An apartment fire destroyed almost all of his paintings and drawings leaving Darren to follow his passion of playing bass guitar. He moved to Atlanta to attend Atlanta Institute of Music and upon graduating from AIM, Darren began working as a sideman in many groups as well as teaching bass lessons privately. Whenever he found a lapse in sideman gigs, he delved into the solo side of the electric bass guitar exploring its use as a lead instrument. These experiments lead to the release of green in 2002. An instrumental album, it was his first as a solo bassist. In the past twelve years, Darren has released three more albums emerging as a vocalist with the release of Cumulo in 2008.

Darren has toured more as a soloist since 2007, although he remains a working sideman. When he’s not trekking the country sharing his brand of solo bass, he can usually be found writing, pursuing visual arts, taking in the outdoors, or spending time with his wife and daughter.

Lizzie & The Makers – 7/11, 8pm

Lizzie & The Makers is a rock and blues band from Brooklyn, New York. The dark and soulful lead vocals of Lizzie Edwards and the searing lead guitar work of Greg McMullen combine to create compositions that transcend the rock/blues idiom.
With their live shows, Lizzie & the Makers take things to the next level with the groovy rhythm of Bryan Bisordi on percussion, and the deep pocket Brett Bass on bass guitar. Influences include Freddie King, Etta James, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Black Crowes.


Eric Bannan – 6/27, 8pm


Eric Bannan is a storyteller, performing songwriter, back country adventure racer, husband, father and single speed mountain biker. His music is a potent brew of blues roots, amazing stories and wicked grooves! A seasoned performer for more than 30 years his shows are a celebration of life, love and loss.




Here are some links to my music.http://ericbannan.bandcamp.com/http://www.ericbannan.com/index.htmlSome Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUIMw9acDgA