September Barista’s Choice

?SEPTEMBER BARISTA HIGHLIGHT | ??Meet Cydni and come try her delicious Barista’s Choice drink, the “Summer Sunset Cappuccino” is a heavenly cappuccino, featuring Cydni’s homemade sweet potato & beber spiced syrup – a beautiful farewell to summer and welcome to the fall in just a few weeks! ??? 10% of the proceeds for this drink will be donated to BORDER ANGELS. Read more about Cydni, the Summer Sunset Cappuccino and her choice of charity below:

Q: Tell us about your baristas choice drink.
A: The Summer Sunset Cap is an ode to the warm summer nights spent with friends and families. I use sweet potatoes, which reminds me out my mom. Beber spice that Yadi, a regular at driade gave me. It’s all about the love from family and friends that make us who we are.
Q: What charity are you choosing to donate proceeds of your drink to this month & why?
A: I’m choosing BORDER ANGELS. It’s refreshing to see people use their faith as inspiration to care for people.
Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
A: Jessica Fletcher is my favorite fictional Character
Q: Cats or Dogs?
A: Definitely Cats
Q: Beach or Mountains?
A: Mountains
Q: What’s your favorite drink to order in cafés right now?
A: Espresso Pops (sodas)
Q: What book(s) are you reading right now?
A: The @wasting Coffee Guide to Not Wasting Coffee – Umeko Motoyoshi
Q: Favorite alt. Milk?
A:Oat Milk!
Q: Go-to Latte art?
A: I love to pour tulips.
Q: Favorite herbal tea?
A: Rooibus with cinnamon and honey
Q: Favorite Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee?
A: The Ardi

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